STUDENT TAG TEAM - 45 minutes ($50 per student)

This competition is for students and based on your teams ability to create a picture perfect cut. You are allowed to use color, fibers, or any tools you need to create the picture perfect cut. You will be judged on fading, shape up, overall look of the cut, and naturalness. Any hair style is acceptable, but judges must see transitions from fading. The more natural the fade or blend, the higher the score.


FASTEST FADE - 15 minutes ($100 per BARBER)

This competition is for the fastest of the fast, the best of the best. If you can’t finish a hair cut in 15 minutes. Models must have at least a #2 length on top or higher, no pre-cut, no lines, no shape ups. Hair will be cut to no lower that 1 1/2 on top to bald on sides. Barbers will be judged on the speed, blend of the fade, how tight the line is, and the overall cleanliness of the haircut.

90s TOTAL LOOK BATTLE - 60 minutes ($100 per barber)

90s Total look competition is a competition where the outfit and the hair are judged equally. Your 90s total look can be anything from movies to sports whatever you choose from the 1990’s. Keep in mind the judges must know what your idea is portraying so make it something you think they will be familiar with. Models will be judged on creativity, haircut, difficulty

king & QUEEN OF SAN DIEGO - 60 minutes ($100 per barber)

This is for any barber that wants to take home the crown. Barbers will be judged on how creative and clean their cut/design is. There is no color used in this competition during the competition, but you may pre-color with permanent color at least 24 hrs before competition. There are to be no pre-cuts. Barbers will be judged on the complexity, creativity, the design, and overall haircut. There are no extra points given or deducted for color usage. Theme Outfit is not judged in this competition but is welcomed.

owners battle - 50 minutes ($150 per barber)

Each competitor will have 50 mins to execute your Master Piece! This competition is based on your ability to create the Perfect Cut that ties in with the look, from head to toe of your model. You are allowed to use color, fibers, or any tools you need to create your Master Piece. You will be judged on fading, shaping and/or styling, line up & the overall look and cut of your piece of Art. Keep the cut as natural as possible, yet sharp & full. Any hairstyle is acceptable, but judges must see transitions when fading.


Overall Competition Rules

 All models’ hair must be cut at competition. Competitor is not allowed to cut, trim, shape or preset model’s hair before the competition begins. Semi-permanent color, permanent color, light color sprays and chalks are allowed unless otherwise noted. Barber must show a transformation of the model’s hair. The judges will inspect model’s hair during pre-judging or during check-in. Violation of this rule will result in the deduction of points and/or disqualification from competition.

 All contestants must check in at the registration area at least one hour prior to the battle. If contestant is late, they will forfeit their place in the competition and their paid entry fee or fees. Please look for “Check In” when you arrive to the battle. All contestants will have a specific time to complete their particular cut and style. Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only. Judges will use a point system on a scale of one (lowest possible score) to ten (highest possible score). If there is a tie in a category or prize placement, the judges will determine the final winner.